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Time to let go.

(a.k.a An ode to my rugby playing career…)

Late 1970’s South Africa – a beautiful country, but with questionable politics. We’d moved there when I was only five years old due to my dad’s job. A country where Rugby Union was almost a religion, and young (white) boys indoctrinated very early on. With a dad keen on rugby too, it was no wonder that I soon found myself with a rugby ball in my hands.

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Being outed as a gamer…

Grown men playing with toy soldiers? Oh for shame…

Being embarrassed by something we do, say or take an interest in is an experience we could all have at some stage in our lives, unless we have particularly thick skin. The degree of embarrassment and / or shame would vary too, depending on person and subject. How then, would you deal with derision from others for a pastime from which you take pleasure? An interest less “mainstream” than others, or that’s perceived by some as being ‘odd’? Ladies and gentlemen…I give you the adult wargamer! 

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