About this blog

Welcome to my blog – thanks for being here and looking, whatever your reason.

Someone once told me that it was a cathartic / therapeutic experience to write, so I thought I’d try.  The idea then warped into the idea of a blog. Things I want to share and talk about; perhaps an opportunity to provoke discussion, but mainly just talk about things that interest me etc. I’ve always tended to be more articulate with the written word too.

For the most part, posts on here are things like expressions of parental pride in my kids achievements, thoughts regarding hobbies or personal history, and things as docile as admiration for my wife’s gardening. Perhaps the occasional comment on a current issue. Probably quite dull for the casual reader however!

On one occasion in the past, a post was misinterpreted, or was perhaps poorly-written on my part. Ill-feeling was the (unintended) result. Whilst provoking debate can be useful, the tension caused was not! Following reflection and amendment, the post concerned now more accurately provides a reflection of my own thoughts, rather than those of others that were mistaken as being my own. Please note that however contentious a post may be (unlikely – they’re mostly benign!), NO part of this blog is ever intended as a personal attack on anyone. Opinion from third parties may be referenced or quoted in the context of discussion within blog posts, but it is NOT personal opinion unless specifically stated.

If you have an issue with a post on this blog, please make a comment on the post concerned.

Simon Foley (author)