Aha! THERE you are… *

My previous post spoke of motivation and used the example of my participation in the local Pantomime group. Voluntary things can of course easily be put aside if they become an issue, but if they’ve brought so much joy it would seem a waste to do so!

Alongside various negatives the positives really shone…and even amid flagging enthusiasm I was always aware of them. Sat here now, in the aftermath of the shows and slightly jaded after the “after party” (!!), I have a massive smile on my face, have been enthusiastically going through my photos / videos, and the only frown-inducer is the fact that it’s all over!

The vibe was undoubtably different this year, summer meet ups and choosing from a number of scripts not having happened (for very understandable reasons). We started on the second weekend of September with a script written by two of the participants, who also directed. Outside factors, stresses, and general tiredness had an impact, and upon reflection were more of a driving factor in my flagging enthusiasm. Since Christmas however, that flagging enthusiasm has been blown away, helped no end by the tremendously enjoyable company of the marvellous people I perform with alongside increasing anticipation. I always enjoyed each rehearsal once I was there amongst friends anyway, but donning costumes for dress rehearsals and then this last week of the shows themselves has been awesome!

Once performances start, Saturday always brings with it two shows; the matinee and the much-anticipated evening final show. It’s a great atmosphere all day, with the break time in between shows always good fun…singing along around the piano or an impromptu “dance off” on the stage with some tunes blaring out…before we get the hall straight again for the last show. The normally quiet bar in the Village Hall do a roaring trade afterwards too, and probably rarely see their Saturday night so packed with people…all on a post-performance high, drinking, dancing and letting their hair down for an impromptu “after party”.

It’s not been all sunshine and roses, but life rarely is. Better work / life balance management and adjustment of other commitments…tweaking if you will…will help allay those factors that impacted my enthusiasm during rehearsals before Christmas. There is no doubt whatsoever that I will participate next year, and I’ve seen and heard enough from my fellow castmates to know that others who even had the slightest doubts are all bought in for next time too!

I AM looking forward to quiet Sunday evenings (for a while), and time to read a good book (or 10) though…

Yatton Panto cast relax between shows…

* my motivation, that is!