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Explaining sporting allegiance

[Disclaimer – the sentiments expressed here speak a lot about Football, but could easily apply to any sport…]

Why do supporters of teams across all sports support the teams they do? It’s rarely simply the team in question being a hometown team as people often work or live far from where they grew up. Young kids first taking an interest in a sport may take to following whoever is the most successful side of the time. Family bias may also shape their decisions – my son is a prime example (sorry son!), me having wrapped him in a Spurs scarf the day he was born.

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Time to let go.

(a.k.a An ode to my rugby playing career…)

Late 1970’s South Africa – a beautiful country, but with questionable politics. We’d moved there when I was only five years old due to my dad’s job. A country where Rugby Union was almost a religion, and young (white) boys indoctrinated very early on. With a dad keen on rugby too, it was no wonder that I soon found myself with a rugby ball in my hands.

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