Charlotte’s A Level results.

So today (17th August 2017) is A-Level results day in the UK. Thousands of 17 / 18 year olds up and down the country are getting their A-Level results and for some of them, their futures depend on them for University places. I’m just concerned with one of those kids however, and that’s my eldest, Charlotte.

She has always had a tremendous academic work ethic, and applies herself diligently to work at hand. Her years of hard work have culminated in four fine A-level passes that have seen her achieve the standard required for her first choice University: to read English Literature and French (joint honours) at Cardiff University.

The over-thinker / worrier that she is (better that way that not caring though!), it’s been playing on her mind for some time. So, the relief was palpable and coming off her in waves when she came to her mother and I first thing this morning to say she’d had notification / confirmation of her university place (before she knew the A level results).

The trip to school to pick up that sheet of paper was just the icing on the cake. 4 fine passes – B grades in each of English Literature, History, French and Creative Writing “A” Levels. Together with the D grade Art “AS” level  she achieved last year, and her multiple A* / A grade GSCEs (with a few Bs too) from the year before, they demonstrate her hard work and provide tangible evidence of that strong work ethic and it’s bearing fruit.

I’m proud of you Charlotte. Carpe Diem!

I am of course, proud of ALL my children. Part 2 to come next week, when my next eldest Natasha picks up her GCSEs!