I’m the parent of an adult – WTF?!

On 27th August 1999, I became a parent for the first time. Charlotte Grace Foley, weighing 7lbs 13oz, arrived in Room 7 of Medway Maritime Hospital’s  delivery ward early on a Friday evening.

Being the first time I became a parent, and having an annoying decent long-term memory for detail, I recall it with a great deal of clarity! After the phone calls to parents, the first call I then made was to my late Grandmother, where the Grace part of her name comes from. I think I just caught her as she was going to bed for the evening! Happy days…

Fast forward to the present…she’s 18! I am now the parent of an adult. Having an occasionally quite juvenile sense of humour one does wonder how that happened!

The occasional was marked with a barbeque at home with family visitors, Charlotte having a couple of her friends over, and siblings joining in. See the photos below.

Charlotte constantly gives her mother and I a source for great pride, has been a great help and support to us in a number of ways over the years, and is a credit to herself in more ways than I can count. We’ll all miss her terribly when she goes off to Cardiff University. But meanwhile…happy birthday Charlotte. Now an adult but always our little girl!

Earlier this summer, I spoke of my pride in my eldest daughters A-level achievements (see post HERE).