Simple Pleasures…the garden.

There’s something to be said for simple pleasures in life and stopping for a moment to enjoy them, admire them and capture them for posterity.

The pictures here are from my back garden. My wife’s wonderful gardening handiwork for the most part…a true passion of hers that has yielded lovely results that a fantastic credit to her and her hard work over the years. I do try and look after the rose bushes, but the rest is all “the Missus”! It’s a nice place to sit, enjoy a meal, a evening drink, drinks with friends, bbqs, games with kids…you name it. It’s just a nice place to be. My son and I were remarking just the other day about how about when he was younger it saw epic football battles during school holidays and after school, the areas that had been my goal and his goal well remembered (along with the hasty re-arrangements to hide ball-related damage!)

In addition to those epic sporting contests, the garden has seen a great many changes over the years since we moved in in December 2004. Furry residents have come and gone (2 rabbits, a cat and our much loved and much missed Spaniel, Kassi), the (re)location of borders and increasing quantity of shrubs and trees, patio relaid etc. Child-related clutter, such as trampolines, sandpits and climbing frames, have gradually given way to shrub-filled borders and a better tended lawn as the children have gotten older*.

The wet & boggy plain rectangle, that was basically unusable Nov / Dec – March, has been lovingly worked into the plant, shrub and tree filled oasis of calm it is now.

Whilst many childrens’ parties these days are paid for by parents at local venues, our back garden has seen it’s fair share over the years! From the first summer we lived here when we had a bouncy castle party for our eldest, through fairy-wing wearing 7-year-olds chasing my brother, a pinata or two,  to exploding bottles of coke (!) . . . the garden has amused and entertained as a venue. Now, it provides entertainment of a different sort and a place to relax, as well as the many fond memories.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a cuppa on the patio…

* My brother-in-law David once said “The best bit about kids getting older is that your garden is no longer filled with multi-coloured plastic crap…”